Lip Liner

pexels-photoLip liner is commonly used before applying a lipstick and it can give the illusion of proportional and fuller lips if applied correctly. Lip liner is great for making your lips stand out and it can make your sheer lipsticks more opaque if you choose to fill in your lips entirely with the lip liner first. When choosing a lip liner, you want to buy the same exact shade as your lipstick of choice or in one or two shades darker. If you buy a lip liner in a shade or two darker than your lipstick, this will add dimension to your lips, making them appear fuller. This technique is commonly used on celebrities and on women and men around the world. If you are not interested in making your lips appear fuller, using a lip liner that is similar to the color of lipstick you want to wear will do the trick. The lip liner allows you to get into the small curvatures of your mouth, making the application process easier than if you were to use the lipstick by itself. Keep an eye out for blog posts on ¡BESITOS! that will introduce you to makeup artists who specialize in lip tutorials and for new lip products!