Eyebrow threading has become increasingly popular since fuller, thicker eyebrows are in. There are several reasons why threading is better for your eyebrows than waxing but it also does not hurt your wallet. While the origin of threading is unknown, research has shown that women in the Middle East, India, and China have used this technique of hair removal for hundreds of years. Threading involves using sewing thread to remove unwanted eyebrow and facial hair. It can be more accurate, less painful, and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Price wise, eyebrow threading tends to be cheaper than waxing. Wax involves several strips, wooden applicators, latex gloves, wax remover, and usually a redness reduction oil to calm the skin. Eyebrow threading only involves sewing thread, latex gloves, and aloe to soothe the skin. From personal experience, I have received eyebrow threading ranging from $10-12 U.S.D. while a wax at ULTA Beauty can be anywhere between $21-23 U.S.D.. If you want to learn more about waxing and threading, stay tuned to my blog for posts about both.