Ourfa Zinali x Artist Couture

The Los Angeles, California based makeup artist, Ourfa Zinali, recently launched her collaboration with Angel Merino’s (@mac_daddyy) brand Artist Couture. Ourfa and Merino’s team collaborated on the loose powder highlighter shade, “Slaynali”. Unfortunately, “Slaynali” is not sold separately, it is sold in a limited edition set with four miniature, preexisting shades that areOurfa’s personal favorites. “Slaynali” is described as a  true gold with lavender and lilac reflects, but they are accents in order to not take away from how rich the gold color is. This limited edition holiday set is still in stock on artistcouture.com and retails for $49.99. If you are interested in learning more about Ourfa’s collaboration with Artist Couture, I will link her video below where she swatches “Slaynali” and the other pigments that come in the set. Her social media and the website where you can purchase this set will also be linked below.

Instagram: @ourfazinali

Youtube video of “Slaynali” here.

Purchase the set here.