Brand of The Week: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics was founded and created by Jeffree Star, a man who took the beauty and music industries by storm. Jeffree Star discovered makeup at the age of 13 and according to his “About” section on his website, he often recreated makeup looks on himself using Cosmopolitan Magazine covers as inspiration and his mother’s eyeshadows. He has an impressive resume since he has done makeup for several celebrities, toured the world during his singing days and now has his own brand of cosmetics. Initially, Jeffree started his brand with only one type of product — liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks dominated the market, selling out in record time online and the demand for his cosmetics became apparent. After the success of his liquid lipsticks, Jeffree introduced his “Skin Frosts” (highlighters), an eyeshadow palette, “Lip Ammunitions” (lipsticks), and scented, natural lip scrubs. His colors have remained true to his personality; quirky and flamboyant. If you are interested in shopping his cosmetics line or learning more about Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I have linked his website below.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics