Estée Lauder Buys Too Faced Cosmetics

Estée Lauder Incorporated agreed to purchase Too Faced Cosmetics for a whopping $1.45 billion U.S.D. on November 15, 2016, a deal expected to be finalized by the end of the year, according to The Wall Street Journal. Too Faced’s co-founders Jeremy Johnson and Jerrod Blandino are, “delighted to be joining forces with the Estée Lauder Companies” they told an Allure Magazine representative. Jerrod Blandino went on to say that he and Johnson started their careers behind the counters of Estée Lauder Companies, making them feel at home in their latest expansion to continue to grow the Too Faced Cosmetics brand.

According to Too Faced’s “About” section, the brand was founded in the 1990s when, “darkness was all the rage and pink had a bad rep”. Johnson and Blandino created a brand that would take Sephoras and Ultas by storm with unconventionally named products like their best-selling mascara, “Better Than Sex”.