Birchbox Man

If you have a monthly beauty or makeup subscription, you know that it feels like Christmas every time you check the mail. There is a certain joy that comes with opening a small package each month that you know is full of sample-sized goodies but do you ever find your father, brother, boyfriend, or husband getting jealous of your monthly subscriptions?

“Birchbox Man” is a specially designed grooming subscription for men that is only $20 a month, or $100 for 6 months. It comes with 4 sample-sized products and one full-sized product each month that range from grooming tools, hair products, to headphones. Just like most beauty subscriptions, all you or he has to do is take a small questionnaire that describes his appearance, hair texture (if he has any), and overall style — “Birchbox Man” will do the rest! If you find that he does not know how to use some of the products, check out the “Birchbox Man” YouTube channel linked below for short demo-videos of the products he may have been sent.

Birchbox Man website:

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