Artist of The Week: Carli Bybel

This week’s “Artist of The Week” is YouTube sensation Carli Bybel. Carli currently lives in New Jersey with her boyfriend Brett Cap and three cats. She has been extremely successful throughout her career in artistry, YouTube, and fashion. Carli joined YouTube in June of 2011 while she worked as a self-taught, freelance makeup artist in NJ. She originally created a YouTube channel to show clients how she achieved certain looks but in time other beauty lovers began following her channel and watching her videos. Since 2011 she has gained over 4.8 million followers and close to 450 million views.

Although Carli’s channel is largely makeup based, she is highly into fashion and recently collaborated with a women’s clothing company called “Miss Guided” which quickly sold out online. As if you needed more reasons to check her out, she recently converted to veganism and only uses cruelty-free products on her channel. I have listed her blog website, YouTube channel, as well as her social media down below.


Instagram: @carlibel