Artist of the Week: Celine Bernaerts

Hair and makeup artist Celine Bernaerts became an instant sensation on social media due to her unique look and incredible talent as an artist. Celine currently works for the House of Orange, a makeup school and powerhouse in the beauty industry located in the Netherlands. Her portfolio is full of editorial and commercial looks but Instagram is her platform of choice to showcase a majority of the work she does on herself. (Samples of her portfolio work can be found here.)  Unlike most social media moguls, Celine does not have a YouTube channel and focuses more on her career as a cosmetologist rather than making social media her full time job. While we anxiously await for the day she gives us more insight on her incredible talents, I have linked her Instagram below if you are interested in learning more about Celine or want to view more of her work.

Instagram: @celine_bernaerts