Ourfa Zinali x Artist Couture

The Los Angeles, California based makeup artist, Ourfa Zinali, recently launched her collaboration with Angel Merino’s (@mac_daddyy) brand Artist Couture. Ourfa and Merino’s team collaborated on the loose powder highlighter shade, “Slaynali”. Unfortunately, “Slaynali” is not sold separately, it is sold in a limited edition set with four miniature, preexisting shades that are Continue reading

DIY Facial Steam

love-romantic-bath-candlelightAfter a long week, it is important to detox your skin from pollutants and the leftover makeup that may be trapped in your pores. Facial steaming machines can be expensive, but in this article I will teach you how to steam your face with ingredients in your kitchen, and things you can find around the house. Continue reading